Practical Resources for Visitors to South Korea

When Planning

Korea Tourism Organization

Look for local gems! Famous places are overcrowded and cannot provide you what Korea really is sometimes. Try some of the natural places.


As visitors, it is essential to save travel time. Use Koreail pass(train) to explore Korea’s various destinations. Remember! Reservation has to be made 31 days prior to the date you travel. Plan ahead! This is a fantastic deal that even Korean are NOT allowed to take advantage of. Only for foreigners. You can hop on and off several times on route to the final destination for the day. Multiple consecutive days option is available.


Or, hot places where EVERYBODY GOES


Okay, so we know where to go. Then, we need places to stay. You might search on english based platforms like But if you want the places where natives go and the price they pay for. Try Yanolja. It has the mobile apps, which means we can pay with G-Pay or Apple pay with ease. Only downside is that their platform does not have english environment yet. Book the first hotel via English platforms. Then, ask Korean people for a help to book for the rest near the destinations you planned when you arrive at Korea. They will definitely help you.


Plan ahead what to Eat. Experiencing various foods are VERY important in Korea. Find restaurants near attractions and destinations. We do not make reservation for restaurant unless it is a really formal and high-end, which you do not want to go while visiting Korea. Always go to local shops.


Want to know native Koreans eat in general? Find local shops in this ranking site. I don’t think it has comprehensive and honest lists but throughly curated.

When arrived at Korea

Arrival Procedures

First think, first. Go through airport, security and all that. Incheon airport is huge but signs are well marked. Staff are kind and quick to respond. Read the linked document for your specific case.

Mobile Connection

Yes. We need SIM card to get online. After you come out of baggage claim and have cleared customs. you will see the doors in front of you to go outside that are numbered. Find signs like “SK,” “KT” which are the best mobile companies in Korea, You can buy SIM card there!

Moving to the first destination

There are 3 ways to get to the first destination. Subway, taxi, and bus. If it is your first time visiting to Korea. I recommend taking subway and get used to the public transportation system. And you NEED to get the “T money” card, which you can get at subway stations. Korea’s subway, bus, and taxi are all linked and you can pay them all with the “T money” card and get sort of “discounts.” You have to tag the card when you get in AND out all the time, except for taxi (only when getting off). Look for the machine that rents the “T money” card. (you can keep the card but if you give it back to any machine, you will get a refund for what you have paid for the card)

While in Korea


Did you forget to bring tooth brush or slippers? Do you need to buy anything? No look further. Go to one of Daiso near you. You will be stuck in there for a while. Cheap but reliable quality products.

GS25, CU, Seven Eleven, and Emart24

There are 24 hours convenient stores everywhere in Korea. Search “편의점” in map apps. Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. Trust me. You can go out at 11PM to buy some snacks. Pajamas and slippers on. Casually.

Shuttle Delivery

Are you hungry but tired of walking from today’s tour? Korea has exceptional food delivery culture. But.. best services like Baemin and Yogiyo require identity verification process which is not available for visitors. Now we have Shuttle Delivery for an alternative. You can even use your home country phone number to sign up. English is available as well.

Whenever you need help

Most of young generation Koreans can help you in English if they can clearly understand what you are saying. If you need help,

  1. Write it down on you phone or translation app.
  2. Approach and say “shille-ham-ni-da,” which means “excuse me.”
  3. Show them what you are asking to help them better understand the question.

In case of Emergency

Things can happen anytime. When in emergency, CALL 119 on you mobile phone OR ask someone to call 119 (I think it is better option if possible, because of communication difficulty).

if you call 119, ambulance will come to you and get you to the nearest hospital at NO cost. If you use a private ambulance, you may be charged. See this article about emergency cost from 대한민국 생활정보 Typical cost of ER for Koreans around $100 if only X-ray is taken for diagnose but without Korean health insurance, I assume, it’ll cost 10 times more but it is unarguably cheaper than any other countries.

I strongly recommend getting a traveler’s insurance prior to departure in you country for reimbursement.